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YouTube By loading the video

The search engine bot follows the links when crawling – it works its way from link to link. If it discovers a new URL, the following happens: The bot YouTube By loading crawls the page (this doesn’t always happen immediately!), which means it downloads it and records the content. Google then evaluates the content in terms of relevance to specific search queries. In the best case scenario, the verdict is: “Great, this URL is relevant and useful for the user, I’ll index it immediately.”

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To check the current indexing status of your YouTube By loading pages, it’s worth taking a look at the new Screaming Google Search Console API function :  for each page which Latvia Phone Number List URLs are in the Google index and which URLs are excluded by Google: Screenshot of the indexing status in the Screaming Frog In the “Search Console” tab of the Screaming Frog Crawl you can, among other things, filter by coverage. What does “Crawled – not currently indexed” mean? It happens that Google crawls URLs but does not index them immediately. In this case, they appear in the .

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However, it could be indexed in the future.  this URL for crawling China Telegram Number again.” Screenshot Google Search Console help pages You can find explanations of the individual coverage areas in the help section of Google Search Console.   Why does the search engine bot load and render some URLs but not index them (immediately)? There can be different reasons. Don’t have time to read? Then take a look at the SEO quick tip on the topic from my SEO colleague Nora: , you accept YouTube’s privacy policy. Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube Google also needs a bit of time.

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