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You strengthen your authority

Examples of long-tail keywords Watercolor painting with pens for beginners – search volume 140 Painting with watercolor pencils You strengthen your templates – search volume 260 Negative technique watercolor – search volume 30 Painting animals with watercolor – search volume 20 Are watercolors and watercolors the same thing? – Search volume 10 Which watercolor paints are the best? – Search volume 70 That’s why you should consider long-tail  have some advantages: Low competition: Keywords with low search volume are often (not always!) not as competitive.


SEO Long-tail keywords

This gives you a better chance of getting a top You strengthen your ranking with your landing page. Specific search intent: The search intent is usually clearly Japan WhatsApp Number Data recognizable. You quickly know what the user really wants and can fulfill this need. An example: The search intent behind “Which watercolor paints are the best?” is clear. The keyword “watercolors” hides several search needs. Assessing their relevance is much more difficult. Solid traffic base .


Which watercolor paints

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Small animals make a mess, especially You strengthen your when Vietnam Telegram Number you   add up the effect of many small keywords. So 30 long-tail landing pages can bring you more traffic than 3 short-tail pages. Plus: is significantly lower because it is spread across 30 URLs – and not just 3. Higher conversion: The user is already searching very specifically, which means he already knows exactly what he wants. As a result, they are more likely to make a purchase or submit a form, thereby contributing directly to your sales.

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