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“This is actually my favorite ranking factor because a lot of SEOs struggle with it and nothing progresses. The solution to the puzzle is often: The product/landing page simply doesn’t fit the keyword.” Satisfying the search intention is probably the most Which websites did important factor today. Compared to 2014, it feels like it has become enormously more important. Not only that: in my opinion it is actually the reason why most of the other factors have become less important.


URL for a search result

This factor will still exist even when many Which websites did others Belize WhatsApp Number List become obsolete. The best URL for a search result remains the best   – and it will still be the same in ten years. Click rate in search results ↑ It feels like the CTR has also gained enormous importance. As already described at several conferences this year, I do not believe that the CTR flows directly and unfiltered into the ranking. In brief, my theory on CTR Google calculates the expected .


The product/landing

Whatsapp Number List

CTR of a result and uses this to calculate Which websites did a quality score for Mexico Phone Number List the snippet Google measures CTR over long periods of time, takes a closer look at anomalies, and updates historical data from time to time. Clickstream ↑ We SEOs tend to always look at a search query and a click. Google engineers often look at a user’s search session over several days to weeks. You are interested: What was the customer journey of user 349323, who googled “Vacation Canary Islands” for the first time four weeks ago and has now completed a booking for a holiday home on La Palma today.

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