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What the real search engine

Here I recommend that you take a look at the gender dictionary . Here you will find gender-neutral words and inspiration for many terms. Does Google distinguish between male and female forms in the SERPS? Google’s algorithm is What the real based on the current search behavior of users. Here’s the rub: for the male form, the so-called generic masculine, because it’s usual and easier. First of all, this has nothing to do with gender equality, but rather with the German language of the last centuries. An example.

The Google Keyword Planner

If you are looking for a roofer, you probably don’t care What the real whether he is a woman or a man. You are most likely (like me) typing “roofer” and possibly the location into the Google search bar. Search volume Dackdecker in the Keyword Planner  considers both Mexico Phone Number List terms synonymously and does not show gender-specific search volumes. In an ideal world, the following would happen: Google recognizes that the female and male forms of “roofer” fulfill the same search intent and also reflects this in the SERPs. All genders appear equally and the results for “roofer”, “roofer” and “roofer” differ only minimally from one another.

Indexed websites for the keyword

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results show is this: they differ greatly between What the real masculine and feminine spellings. In the case of the roofer, it is actually the case that women and men Philippine Whatsapp Number are anything but equal in the SERPs. Characteristics of the SERPs for the keyword “roofer” over 9 million search results:   roofer Google delivers over 9 million search results for the keyword “roofer”. First and foremost is a local pack with roofing companies in my area: Local Pack for Roofers in the SERPs Local Pack for roofers in the SERPs DESCRIPTION.

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