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If your entire content only consists of three sentences, then you have a problem. But if you have 200 or more words of “ two sentences will not cause a Unique content then problem.  English-language content can also be marked accordingly – both for England and the USA or, for example, an extra version for New Zealand. If you don’t have an international website, you don’t need an hreflang – be happy! It is usually not done correctly and has major consequences when problems arise. You can read more about Hreflang here . Checking 404 pages, redirects and broken links You’re probably familiar with this: You click on a link and hope to find certain information – but unfortunately after clicking, only a “Not found” page appears. These 404 pages are not only annoying, Google doesn’t like them either. Of course, it can happen that you delete content and then a 404 code is also correct. But: Incorrect pages on your website are frustrating for the user.

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This is where you can get really active as Unique content then an Singapore WhatsApp Number List SEO: Ideally, you avoid duplicate URLs completely and don’t allow them to appear in the first place. If that doesn’t work, you can always use the Rel=Canonical attribute, which then tells  similar URL to another URL. You can find out more about it here: The Canonial Tag .

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Bird reflected in the water Unique content then However, duplicates Germany Email List can become a problem to a certain extent. Canonicals & Hreflang As just written, you set canonicals when you have several  . You o attribute if your website has multiple language or regional versions. If you want to show your Austrian visitors a different version of your website than your German visitors, you can do this with Hreflang. The advantage: Anyone who searches on will only find your Austrian content – and on the same applies to Germany.

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