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If you also think about MUM in your strategy for 2022, then everything is fine! Images: Cover image: HQUALITY / Adobe Stock, the rest from Google. Sorry for To make it the file size of the GIFs, but the pictures are really great What is WebP? WebP is an image format from Google that was launched back in 2010 . The purpose was to be able to present images more efficiently on the Internet without suffering significant losses in quality. This resulted in two compression methods.

The WebP image format was

lossless and lossy compression To make it for Georgia WhatsApp Number List images on the web.  born. WebP makes it possible to reduce images to the information that is absolutely necessary for display. This results in a reduced file size and at the same time allows the quality of the images to be maintained at a very high level. According to Google, PNG images can be losslessly reduced in file size by up to 26%, while JPEG images can be losslessly reduced by 25-34%.

SSIM quality index in order

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Here, Google has based itself on the   to be able to German Whatsapp Number make a suitable comparison. Now you know what WebP is. In To make it the next step, let’s look at how it works. How does WebP work? Since WebP is divided into lossless and lossy compression of images, I would like to briefly show you what the difference is between these two: images into other image formats without sacrificing quality. Lossy conversion is the removal of non-essential image information, resulting in a smaller file size, at the price of little loss of quality.

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