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To check your structured

This way you can respond to reviews and stay in touch with your customers. Google sees even negative reviews as a positive signal, so don’t be afraid of them. They To check your make your company authentic! If you respond to reviews of this type and comment on them, you also have the chance to make disappointed customers happy again. I’ll also give you the following tip: Don’t write your answer (only) to the customer who is evaluating it, but above all for possible future customers.


With structured data you have

You can find more information about how you can deal with customer reviews in the blog Switzerland Phone Number Data post “ Customer reviews in e-commerce: How you should deal with them – and how you shouldn’t ” by Steffi. Structured data Your structured data can also contribute to better local rankings.  the opportunity to structure your HTML data semantically so that search engines can more easily read the information on your website and display it in the SERPs.

The street and house number

Phone Number Data

You should mark these data to optimize To check your your local ranking: Type: The type of your company, for example a doctor’s office. Name: The name of your Turkey Phone Number List company Address: The address of your company. It can be refined with additional properties: streetAddress:  of your company addressLocality: The city in which your company is located addressRegion: The state in which your company is based, this property is usually important in the USA. postalCode: The postal code of your company addressCountry address.

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