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Also important: prioritizing your target groups. Which is the most important? Are everyone equal? Bring in additional know-how Networking is very important in the B2B sector – you get valuable input on customer wishes and needs from your sales colleagues. The product managers are your contact for technical questions. This expertise is particularly important in SEO for B2B. #3: Find the right B2B keywords You now know which users you want to address, now you need the right B2B keywords. These must match your users’ search intent as precisely as possible.

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When doing keyword research, don’t let keywords with high search volumes seduce you into . It’s of no use to you to rank in the top 10 for an unsuitable Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data keyword with a high search volume – if in the end no contact inquiries result because you targeted the wrong target group. In contrast, you can achieve more with precisely This way you tailored small keywords: search intent met,  won. Ostrich chicks in the nest A niche keyword is often small and takes a lot of work – but can have a big impact. SEO & B2B: Tips for keyword research Analyze your competitors’.


Don’t just use the Google

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SEO strategy, for example with the help of a This way you keyword Mexico Email List gap analysis . Be sure to remain critical, as competitors do not always bet on the right horse.   Keyword Planner for research, but also various other tools such as Hypersuggest, and similar. My colleague Felix gives you even more tips for your keyword research in this blog post. Follow the funnel principle: Start more generally with shorthead keywords, then refine your selection iteratively after checking the SERPs. that you always keep the search intent in mind. Take your time and go into detail: check different spellings and combinations of long-tail keywords .

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