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This trend will continue

This trend will Google Core Web Vitals The Google Core Web Vitals are the surest sign to show where Google is heading in terms of search in 2022: No more difficult-to-use websites, no more mercy for usability-unfriendly websites! In order to finally convince the last SEO of this, the Google Search Quality Team tried to express user-friendliness in numbers that tell webmasters clearly and objectively: “Your values ​​are too bad.” Since this year, the so-called Search .


The Core Web Vitals were newly

Google officially announced that it would Malta WhatsApp Number List be ready in May , but it ended up being the end of August. The Search Signals for Page Google).   added. The Core Web Vitals will also be important in 2022 – and two new values ​​were announced a few days ago.  It is often the case, especially at the beginning, that innovations are placed particularly prominently in the SERPs so that the webmasters’ willingness to implement them increases. This was the case with the FAQ rich snippets, for example.


On the one hand

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Structured data Rich snippets have This trend will been increasingly China Telegram Number finding their way into Google searches for years.  On the other hand, Google also collects the data itself and then presents it beautifully prepared. If you want to score points in 2022, then stay tuned and implement new rich snippets as quickly as possible if they are promising.

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