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This is not reflected

Snippets in the SERPS about roofers The male form dominates the top 5 organic results. Features of the SERPs for the keyword “roofer” Almost 1.5 million search results and therefore significantly fewer indexed pages than for the male form (over 9 million): indexed pages for the keyword roofer For “roofer” the SERPS doesn’t even provide 2 million search This is not results. Instead of the local pack you can see pictures of roofers: Image snippet of the SERPs for the keyword roofer Google doesn’t offer me any service providers, but instead suggests pictures of roofers.

I get even fewer search

In terms of content, the focus is different, reporting on This is not female roofers dominates: Top 5 SERPs for Roofer There is not a single service provider in Saudi Arabia Phone Number List the top 5 hits, but only content about roofers. With the addition “Munich” I get even fewer search results and Google even suggests the male term for the search: Google does not recognize male and female forms as synonyms. Google doesn’t recognize the terms as synonyms and suggests the masculine form.

Can this example be applied

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Now the exciting question arises:   to all search This is not terms? No: Search behavior varies depending on the industry and composition of your target group. Men (still) dominate in the skilled trades, but things can look different in more online-oriented industries and Singapore WhatsApp Number List female-dominated professions or target groups. An example: Women dominate the educator profession. 1:1 in the search results, but you can see big differences to the roofer example: Both terms have a similarly high search volume, with a slight advantage for women: Search volumes for educators With 18,100 searches per month, women are ahead in this case. Unfortunately, this is the exception.

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