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Google writes : “Minimize repetitive boilerplate : Instead of including lengthy copyright notices at the end of every page, just provide a brief This factor has summary with a link to detailed information.” In 2014, recurring text modules were still a big problem. In 2022 they no longer feel like such a big issue. But this may also have something to do with web design trends. A lot of text is no longer “in” today; there are simply fewer and fewer recurring text modules. Document loading speed .

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Loading speed has been a trending This factor has topic at Bolivia WhatsApp Number List Google for years. She is strong on the Search Quality Team’s agenda. It is probably one of the biggest factors for dissatisfaction with the search if a website takes a long time to load. This factor will increase as Google Core Web Vitals become more and more incorporated into the ranking. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t slavishly do everything to achieve a perfect Google Page Speed ​​of 100. This tool is just one help of many – the actual user experience makes the most of it. Document file size.


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“In 2014 we generally had 30% mobile This factor has access to our Philippine Phone Number websites.   large images annoys mobile users and thus creates bad user signals. So it’s very important not to simply scale down images in mobile versions, but to provide them in a smaller file size.” As you know, mobile traffic has continued to increase and today it is usually the case that more mobile users than desktop users visit your website come. really increased – mobile first! Server response time/speed → This was important in 2014 and is just as important today.

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