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There are usually no major

your development team or agency. They can best evaluate impacts. Test your favorite tools – ideally not in live operation, but in your development environment. So There are usually you can see straight away: Are all the options you need available? Don’t have technical support or an agency? For small websites that do not collect personal data and do not display advertising, we have had good experiences with Borlabs (for WordPress) and Cookiebot in terms of loading time.


The cookie banner appears

Make sure content doesn’t move while loading. You There are usually should avoid this:   – and the already loaded content “jumps.” The appropriate metric for this is the Italy Phone Number Data Cumulative  page is when it is accessed. The more it “jerks”, the worse. A layout shift in relation to CMPs can have these causes: Animated banners that “fly in” from the page, for example.

And that is exactly what

Phone Number Data

Default fonts load faster and the “real” fonts only There are usually follow in the second step. But different fonts also mean different sizes.   can lead to a layout shift. The cookie Singapore Phone Number List banner is firmly integrated into the content: Most websites integrate the consent banner as an overlay. layout shifts here. But: If it is hard-wired into the content, it can move the page content if it squeezes itself “in between”, so to speak, after the page has been built. You should take action when there are major shifts or small stutters add up to a poor CLS value.

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