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There are often fewer pages

The search intent recognized by Google is the same for There are often both terms: SERP Overlap for educators and educators Both terms are not yet equal, but Google recognizes the search intent.  The SERPs make it clear that gender discrimination is much more common in this subject area than in skilled trades.The Google Keyword Planner summarizes search terms Google suggests the male form In many cases, Google seems to recognize what your search is about when you search for a “female” keyword. Nevertheless, the algorithm suggests to you : You definitely meant the “male” search term: Dictionaries appear more often for the feminine form in the SERPs.

Indexed pages for educators

What is surprising, however, is that despite the higher There are often search volume for “educator,” there are fewer pages in the Google index for this keyword:   and educators One wonders why: “Educator” is searched more often, but more pages are indexed Turkey Phone Number List for “Educator”. Tool tip You can easily find out whether your competitors are gendering and in what form with . Example of Termlabs SERP Genderings feature – Roofer vs. Educator.


Basic Patterns for Keywords

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In some cases, Google explains the grammar There are often to you in the SERPs instead of immediately offering you pages with information about the job profile, job offers or service providers: Translations and dictionaries instead of gender-friendly SERPs Of course, these are only rough patterns that do not apply equally to all Spain WhatsApp Number List keywords. But what becomes clear: Google’s algorithm is far from keeping pace with social language change. Personally, I don’t see this as misogynistic per se. In my opinion, Google search reflects the current search behavior of a large proportion of people.

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