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My SEO colleague Nora explains what you need to pay attention to in this quick tip: YouTube By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy. Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube However, poor site performance is only one reason. According to Google Webmaster Trend Analyst John Mueller, quality and relevance play a central role (similar to the “Crawled – currently not indexed” report). If you find a large proportion of your pages under .

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According to Mueller, in this case, Google often Then find out decides that it’s not worth Philippines Phone Number List crawling these many pages . Because they are not helpful and relevant to the user. 18,000 subscribers can’t be wrong  any of our posts and stay up to date? Subscribe to our newsletter now and receive every new Seocracy article by email directly to your inbox! Click here for the registration form. What to do.


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Here you basically proceed in the same way as with China Telegram Number crawled, non-indexed URLs. Manually submit individual, important URLs. is a general need for action because many URLs or very important content are in “Found – not currently indexed”.   on the cause: Optimize your internal linking and ensure that no crawlable duplicate content is created. Found – currently not indexed in Google Search Console Around 400 uncrawled URLs on a domain with over 20,000 pages: A rough check is sufficient here.

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