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A large proportion of these were parameter   – ​​and The same applies therefore duplicate content. Since you can’t and shouldn’t go through all URLs manually, look for patterns: What do the non-indexed contents have in common and what cause does this indicate? For example, if the URLs always have the same structure and a certain parameter, this indicates duplicate content.


Then you have done the most


If a lot of content belongs to the same type of The same applies page – for example video posts, product categories or certain product detail pages, you should look at the quality of the content in terms of thin content. Cause(s) found?  important part. You can Switzerland Phone Number List now target your measures: delete content, summarize it, optimize it, exclude URLs from crawling or adjust internal linking. What does “Found – not currently indexed” mean? A second very similar report in Google Search Console reads “Found – not currently indexed.”


URLs with identical content

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Google saw these pages but did not crawl The same applies them – i.e. did not download and render them. Google itself cites a technical problem as the reason for this : “If this Germany Telegram Number reason is given, Google would normally have attempted to crawl the URL, but that would have overloaded the site. Therefore, Google has rescheduled the crawl, which is why the last crawl date field in the report is blank.” : simply submit the page(s) again manually.

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