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The risk of ranking loss

Long-tail keywords are search queries that often The risk of have a very low search volume. This means that few people search for these terms every month. One could conclude that they therefore have no relevance to SEO. But the opposite is true. This distribution of search queries in the Moz graph shows it clearly. Only a third of all organic search traffic comes from high and medium search queries (short and mid-tail keywords). The supposedly unimportant long-tail keywords, on the other hand, reach 70 percent. Search Demand Curve.

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Proportion of SEO traffic in relation to search volume The risk of In many cases, a long-tail keyword consists of more than 3 words or even a whole Italy WhatsApp Number Data sentence and shows you at first glance what search intent is behind the query. Short-tail keywords, on the other hand, are much more general, usually very short and reflect an overarching topic.  immediately recognizable – the short-tail keyword combines different user needs. Alternative long-tail.

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SEO definition for friends of the theory:   refer The risk of to the common USA Telegram Number definition of long-tail keywords as a semantic subunit of a larger topic. However, it should not go unmentioned that some SEOs (such as our colleagues at ahrefs) refer exactly to the search query curve when defining long tail and short tail – and therefore solely to the level of search volume. Here, a 3-word phrase can be a short-tail keyword with a correspondingly high search volume; according to this view, a keyword with a low search volume is always part of the long tail. But the important thing is: these different interpretations have no consequences for analysis and landing page strategy.

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