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The majority of Germans look

First of all, I will say: for or against gendering on The majority of websites in this blog post. This is a personal decision that you as the website operator have to make yourself. In larger companies, the decision to use gender-sensitive language is also a strategic question that depends on the target group and the corporate culture. When is gender relevant for SEO? Gendering has an impact on your SEO success when important main and secondary keywords refer to people.


Provided you are open to gender

This is particularly the case in areas that deal The majority of with professions and professional groups, for example: job advertisements Services where users are mostly looking for people (doctors, tradesmen) Content that deals with professional groups in general, for Brazil Phone Number List example information about job profiles Conversely, this does not mean that gender is unimportant in other areas. As soon as your main or secondary keyword contains a person, the spelling plays a role.  -sensitive writing. (If that weren’t the case, you probably wouldn’t be reading thi Words in the body text of your content that are not .

Inclusive spellings that include

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SEO-relevant keywords, on the other The majority of  hand, have little influence on SEO: For example, if you mention “our employees” in a job advertisement when Mexico WhatsApp Number List introducing your company, Google doesn’t really care. What gender-appropriate spellings are there?   all genders Gender star: mechanic Underscore: mechanic Colon: mechanic Gender-neutral terms: mechanical specialist, Gender spellings that appeal to women and men Binnen-I: Mechanic Slash: mechanic Mention of both genders: male and female mechanics.

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