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The highlight is that

A snippet is the preview of your website or landing page in search results. Unfortunately, it is still handled far too carelessly here, especially by beginners. It is often said that you should put the keyword in the title. That’s true, of course – but you usually have to do a lot more! Not only the keyword belongs in the title, but also what makes you and your company special. Why should people order from your shop? What makes your company special? What are the unique selling points? Think about what the user wants when they google this keyword.


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Let’s take the example of business The highlight is cards:  -quality Thailand WhatsApp Number List business cards, he often wants them to be sent quickly and of course they should also be cheap. You can now write “business cards” in the title or write “business cards printed cheaply in the highest quality”. Good titles and descriptions increase CTR Good titles and descriptions increase CTR The result of WirMachenDruck, which writes in the smallest space, is good: Cheap business cards with the test winner in the highest quality free shipping Personal advice. we do print snippet This is how it looks good! We put pressure on it to get it right. Test your titles and descriptions and see in .


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Google Search Console whether the The highlight is click-through rate is Singapore Email List improving or worsening. Then you can usually achieve a lot of good results. 2.  basic mistake that many beginners make in the SEO area is that they are not aware that they should choose a URL for a keyword – and that they have to keep it organized. Duplicate content occurs when you have multiple URLs that have identical or very similar content. But there are also often problems because you have several landing pages that ultimately have the same topic.

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