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The development of Web

This means that search engines work with big data, artificial intelligence, algorithms and are constantly learning. The goal of Web 3.0 is to give the power over The development of personal data back to the users. take your data management on the Internet into your own hands. Algorithms In the new Web 3.0 there will not be just one (or several) algorithms that determine search results. Web 3.0 uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to present more personalized search results for users.

Resource Description Framework

The result is a Italy Phone Number List relevant, personalized The development of and complete search result. In practice it would be implemented like this: The Isar<river> flows through Munich<city> . The two terms city and river act as metadata that help the machine understand what Munich and Isar are.  To understand Web 3.0, it is important to know how it has evolved.  From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 It started with the introduction of HTML as a programming language by Tim Berners-Lee.

These large companies collect

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The result is the semantic web. You can find The development of out more about this in this blog post.    Platforms USA WhatsApp Number List dominate the market and have a great influence . This is where Web 3.0 should come in and pave the way to a decentralized Internet. The scientist working at CERN brought the programming language and with it the Internet as we know it today into the world.

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