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The best job advertisement

This is how applicants find your position more attractive Hand on heart: If you are specifically looking for a new job, the offer is usually relatively manageable and you can find most of the job advertisements on the usual portals. You then quickly have an overview of the available jobs. It is very likely that your job advertisement will actually be read by the relevant applicants. But then why doesn’t anyone apply? First a little disclaimer: Disclaimer: does not replace good working conditions .


I want to discuss here

The job market is changing. Corona and other social phenomena have drastically changed the way we think about work. Other things have become more important – and not just for the youngest generation of workers. We rethink our careers, our Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data working conditions and our long-term goals. In the USA the phenomenon is already known as   , but in our country this wave is just beginning. I don’t want to get philosophical here or judge anything, but it is simply a fact that we look at “work” differently today than we did before three years ago.


The Great Resignation

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Many employers have made major concessions during the pandemic (with the biggest concessions being to employees). Some were more willing to Indonesia Telegram Number change, others less. Some are even so narrow-minded that they now want to completely return to the conditions of 2019. Whether 100% home office is a good or bad idea is not something   But anyone who closes their eyes to what is currently happening in the world of work and who falls behind the companies competing for employees simply has a much worse hand. Logically, a craft company cannot offer much home office for its craftsmen – that is simply not possible.

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