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The algorithm often tries

You should adapt or delete internal links, unfortunately external links inevitably come to nothing – or you write to the webmaster that your content has moved.  , make sure you are redirecting correctly, i.e. with a 301 status code that says “permanently redirected”. Particularly old domains or those that have changed CMS many times sometimes have a few skeletons in the closet. A link check may be worthwhile here. Internally this is quite easy with Ryte or the Screaming Frog . The tools display links on your domain that point to 404 pages.

If you want to know more

If you want to discover backlinks (i.e. external links) that Slovenia WhatsApp Number List point to your domain, then the Google Search Console will help The algorithm often you for free – it is particularly convenient with the link research tools and the “Link Juice Recovery” function. The Link Juice Recovery tool spits out exactly the backlinks that point to 404 pages in your domain. These links are also called “broken links”.   about “spring cleaning your own domain”, then read my article Get rid of the old toads – Better rankings by deleting content . If you are a newbie with a new domain, then none of this needs to concern you! Keyword cannibalization Sometimes Google doesn’t know which.

If you use redirects

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URL should rank for a keyword because, for The algorithm often example, two India Email List URLs are relatively similar. to display one URL in the search results and then the other. Neither of them really ranks – this is called keyword cannibalization. Every domain has some problems and it’s really worth it for everyone to keep a close eye on them. If URLs suddenly change, this can also become a problem. In the following screenshot you can see the changes from DKB Bank, for example: Here you can see the URL changes of DKB Bank within just one week.

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