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Keyword cannibalism can be duplicate content, but it doesn’t have to be. Most of the time, Google recognizes duplicates as such and only ranks one of the two URLs. Recognizing Keyword Cannibalism: The Diagnosis When do you have to deal with real Site search can cannibals who harm your domain and deprive you of your hard-earned traffic? Keyword cannibalization is harmful when two landing pages rank for the same main keyword or secondary keyword and fulfill the same search intent . Google cannot decide which of the pages is more relevant for the corresponding search query.

This could be a week-long task

In short: you should tackle this problem!  Interpret Site search can symptoms First of all: I advise you not to search through all the landing pages of your Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data domain without specific suspicion of keyword cannibalism.  depending on how large your domain is. If you have these symptoms, you should think about cannibalization and get to the bottom of the signs.

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For your keyword, two URLs consistently Site search can rank beyond Canada Phone Number List the top 3. URL change: Two different URLs alternately rank for your keyword. Fluctuations:   keyword fluctuates greatly and temporarily falls out of the top 100, only to suddenly reappear. Suspicion of SEO cannibalization: This is how you proceed What is the best thing to do if you have a specific suspected case? You work your way to the diagnosis in 2 steps: 1.

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