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Has CTR improved or worsened over time? And if so: why? Does another of your URLs rank for a keyword and have a high number of Relevance This shows impressions? Then we talk about keyword cannibalization. In this case, you should de-optimize one of the two URLs. Better than two mediocre rankings is always one good one. Since August 2021 , Google has been increasingly rewriting titles if the algorithms have the impression that another variant could be a better fit.

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By the way, the correct name for the Relevance This shows title in Lithuania WhatsApp Number List Google’s search results has always been and is “title link”, because Google doesn’t rewrite the actual title; you would have to write it in your source code. Google has been cracking down on this for a few months now and is rewriting around 60% of all titles . This doesn’t happen manually, but rather an algorithm detects (supposedly) poorly performing titles and optimizes them for a better CTR.  , a better CTR also means better satisfaction with the Google search engine. Now, as an SEO, you can of course ask yourself.

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Do I have to do anything at all? Can’t Relevance This shows  generated Egypt Telegram Number by Google? You have to do something. Google optimizes from the point of view of generating better titles overall – whether your individual result performs better or worse is relatively unimportant to the engineers, to put it mildly. And so it can happen that Google changes the title, but it then performs worse than the old version – as you can see in this screenshot. Title paraphrase After the title is rewritten, the rankings fluctuate and worsen.

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