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Normal user browsers have

By the way , according to Google, Pagerank Normal user browsers passes on all types of redirects – both 302 and 301.  Status code 401: unauthorized The http status code 401 is one of the incorrect responses.  Status code 403: forbidden The status code 401 is similar to the http status code 403. Screenshot from the Screaming Frog: the status code 200 is output. Google identifies itself with the user agent “Googlebot” or “Googlebot Smartphone”. However, when using this user agent you will receive the status code 403 (“Forbidden”). So Googlebot is blocked from visiting the website: Now the status code 403 – forbidden is output. Important: It is highly risky to block Googlebot from its own site. Please, dont’t try that! You shall not pass! Entry prohibited with http status code 403!


Here the server has understood

This means “forbidden”.   the client’s request, but Normal user browsers refuses to allow it. Access is permanently prohibited. This can be the case, for example, with pages that Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data are protected with a password, such as accounts from e-commerce shops that require a login. This could have been a specific action by the webmaster, e.g. B. that certain bots are blocked by tools or IP addresses, but it can also happen unconsciously, for example if you have set an internal link to a (still blocked) directory on your website.

Bot – this is what happened

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It’s particularly dramatic if you accidentally Normal user browsers lock out the Google   to one of our customers: When you access a page, the browser identifies itself with its “identifier”, the so-called “user agent”. a user agent like “Firefox” or “Chrome. If you access the South Africa Telegram Number URLs of the project with these user agents, the pages are displayed correctly.

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