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More relevant local content

Reviews and Ratings Another important point are the More relevant local reviews and ratings. A review is a rating that your customers can give. This rating does not contain any text. A rating is a rating that also contains text. Good reviews and ratings contribute to a better (local) ranking and increase your click rates. You probably know this from personal experience: you are more likely to click on a website with very good reviews than on one with bad reviews. seocracy-local-seo-customer-reviews Reviews are important for your business, especially in the local SEO area.

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Local keywords Local keywords also contribute to More relevant local your local SEO performance. Relevant keywords that include the location of your business will help you Germany Phone Number Data with local ranking. There are explicit local keywords and implied local keywords: The explicits contain the location being searched for. The location is not included in the implied keywords . In this case,  or local keywords and provides you with search results related to your location.

Google uses the location

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When I search for a Halloween shop without my More relevant local location, near me: seocracy-direct-and-implied-keywords When I search for “Halloween Shop,” it shows Switzerland Phone Number List me local stores based on my location. Many users search for local businesses on   their location. Google learns from these search queries and – as is often the case – delivers the best possible search results with a local connection, even if the location was not explicitly searched for.

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