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Maybe Google will introduce

But the features will be gradually integrated into the search – there is no doubt about that. However, I doubt whether we can point our cameras at everything right from the start and Google can then tell me “How do I fix “that”? What is changing for SEOs and online marketers? More direct answers and featured snippets Google MUM is aimed at information-oriented search queries, first of all. Anyone who enters “buy a notebook” will probably not see any major changes. There will be big changes for information-oriented search queries.


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Google will be able to present significantly more Finland WhatsApp Number List direct answers and featured snippets, i.e. direct answers in the search results without you having to click on a website. More structured data? some new markups for completely new areas in the short term – but I’m not so sure about that. The actual goal of Google is that you can come up with the data yourself without structured data.   journey in the search results I find the Refine and very exciting . This way you can narrow down your search or make it broader. Take a look at the graphic here and you’ll understand what it means. Refine or expand search Refine or expand your search – no proble.


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I find this feature extremely helpful for keyword China WhatsApp Number List research or for viewing the entire customer journey. As an SEO or online marketing manager,  refine the search to find out which topics I could cover on my blog, for example. That’s pretty good! As a user, I also think the feature is great. Sometimes the information from a search is too general for me, with this function I can delve deeper. And then vice versa, take a step back. Cheers! Do you need help? Are you looking for a good online marketing agency? We’re here for you! We look forward to your non-binding inquiry.

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