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Keyword optimization is a

When you restructure your URLs, it can sometimes make new Keyword optimization is content more difficult to index. In this case, check the log files to see whether Googlebot is still browsing this directory and is no longer finding anything new due to the restructuring. Mobile optimization Your website needs to be mobile optimized these days. It just has to be there, period. I therefore find it inappropriate to even talk about “mobile SEO” and rightly so, hardly anyone does it anymore.


If you’re on the desktop

It has become common practice for the Keyword optimization is vast South Korea WhatsApp Number List majority of websites to build a responsive website. This means that the website layout adapts to the device.  , shrink the browser to a very small size and see what happens to seocracy – from a very small size the website then becomes mobile. A responsive website is not only necessary for SEO, but also just fundamentally important. In the Google Search Console you can find all the problems that Google has with your website with regard to mobile devices under the heading “User-friendliness” and then “User-friendliness on mobile devices”. There is also the solution to work with a specially created mobile version.


Bild newspaper, then you

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If you’re not Amazon, Ebay or the Keyword optimization is  shouldn’t worry Japan Email List about something like that. Only absolute high-traffic domains can afford such an infrastructure – and then it can make sense. Nevertheless, I would tend to advise against such “big ships”. Of course, with such domains these are decisions that affect the entire infrastructure and are not just decided “just like that”. Loading time optimization & Core Web Vitals.

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