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Google reviews as a ranking factor in local searches  ranking factors changes over time. While some factors lose relevance, others gain. Whitespark conducts an annual survey with local SEO experts and collects statistics on which ranking factors they consider It is not to be important . The more Google reviews there are, the more representative the image is, which has a positive effect on your local SEO ranking.

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Graphical representation of the weighting of 7 ranking It is not factors in recent years Results of whitespark’s study on the development of local ranking factors in Japan Phone Number Data 2021. According to Whitespark’s 2021 survey, customer reviews account for 17 percent of the Local Pack ranking . The experts assume at least five percent for local organic searches .The rating level Are the reviews mostly positive or negative? Higher ratings also lead to better rankings as long as they are authentic and genuine. The distribution of reviews Where else can you find reviews about your company other than on Google.

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Although Whitespark also includes reviews from It is not other review platforms, it can be assumed that Google reviews have a significant influence on the ranking.   the weighting of ranking factors Results of whitespark’s study on the ranking factors in Local Iran Phone Number List Pack and Local Organic from 2021. Accordingly, reviews are currently the second most important ranking factor in local SEO after the general signals from the Google company profile. However, it’s not just about the highest rating in the star rating.

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