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It is important for the

You can also place the male keyword in less prominent It is important places, for example in the URL or in the ALT tag of the images.   spelling cannot be formed simply by adding “-in”? Here you should weigh things up and decide based on the SERPs.   Google gender bias using the example of a dentist In order to rank for “Dentist Munich”, female dentists also have to optimize for the male form if they don’t want to miss out on Google visitors.


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If you find dictionaries, images and videos in top positions It is important in the SERPs for your purely female search term and your competition only scores with Israel Phone Number List the male spelling, you have significant SEO disadvantages. You run risks for traffic and rankings especially if you completely forego the male keyword form in the meta title and in the H1.   significantly more search volume, you lose potential reach at this point. The obvious thing to do is to simply mention both forms in the meta title and in the H1.

But keep in mind that

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It becomes difficult, especially with long words. And a snippet with only two Thailand WhatsApp Number List words in the title will have a negative impact on your click rate, for example in professions such as tax attorney.  I would like to recommend a very interesting interview with Malte Landwehr.

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