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It feels like the organic

The effect is delayed and not visible after just a few It feels like days. LinkedIn and Xing The two business networks Linkedin and Xing can also bring you good applicants. Linkedin in particular is now the number 1 business network from a user perspective. However, I haven’t had such good experiences with the ads from both companies so far. Sometimes they work well, but sometimes the effort is wasted. I strongly advise you not to use these two networks uncritically, but rather to pay close attention to their performance.

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Of course, you should always do this, regardless of the It feels like channel – but especially here. (=free) ads on Linkedin are doing very well and the paid ones hardly bring any added value – but that changes regularly. Industry-specific job portals Brazil WhatsApp Number Data your industry that your potential new employees read? Then use this as a supplement.   the search engine, but that doesn’t matter because applicants often visit these job portals directly. Never underestimate your own channels! The best applicants have known your company for a long time and might also like to work for you, but don’t even know that there are vacancies.


They don’t always rank well in

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Therefore, take a look at how you can It feels like specifically India Telegram Number use your environment to find skilled workers: Tell your employees that you are looking for staff. Spread the word around your company’s customers and business community. “Do you know someone who…?” works great. Use your company website and newsletter. Do you send out a catalog? Then put the information that you are looking for staff in there too! Company cars, facades, etc.

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