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Indexing API you can tell

Indexing usually takes even longer. The total duration Indexing API you can range from a day or two to a few weeks. “ In order not to delay crawling and indexing, you should make crawling and rating as easy as possible for Googlebot: Avoid basic technical issues like server errors, very slow loading times, and soft 404 errors. These have a negative impact on your crawl budget and reduce the capacity for crawling important pages.

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To do this, use the meta tag “Noindex” and “Index”, Indexing API you mark URL duplicates with the canonical tag and configure the txt . Provide one or more segmented sitemaps .  tag to notify Google of content updates using the sitemap. Create unique content that is Australia Phone Number List relevant to your users. When it comes to page structure, make sure that important pages are well linked internally and that the click path length is as short as possible. #7 Can   You can’t force Google to index your pages directly and immediately. What you can do for very important new or updated content.


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Apply for indexing manually using the Indexing API you checking tool. Although Google officially says that submitting a URL multiple times does not speed up the crawling Brazil WhatsApp Number List and indexing process, our experience has been different. Submitting again and multiple times can certainly speed up indexing.  Google Indexing API With the help of the Google Google directly when page content has changed or you have removed pages.

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