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In order to achieve this

You can find out more about semantic search engines in Felix’s blog post on “Holistic landing pages – better search results? ” Semantic optimization Thanks to the many updates, Google has developed into a semantic search engine. The search engine started with In order to its Hummingbird update in 2013. You can understand the different updates in more detail in the infographic below. seocracy-google-semantic-search-engine Google Updates: the path to the semantic search engine For the latest update, Google MUM, I can recommend Julian’s blog post “ .

The new search intelligence from

Google MUM –   Google” . 5 reasons why SEO remains In order to important seocracy-mobile-first : Mobile first! Mobile-first The motto is still: Mobile first! Google Estonia Phone Number List crawls and indexes mobile pages primarily. Therefore, they must be optimized as best as possible and please both the users and Googlebot. , you must consider the following points when optimizing: Loading time Responsive design Optimized mobile display Structured data .

This requires SEO managers

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Appropriate visual content such as images In order to and videos  who Canada Telegram Number are familiar with these points. Google itself has compiled the best practices for mobile-first indexing in a post by Google Developers. RankBrain Google rolled out RankBrain in 2015. This self-learning algorithm is intended to understand completely new search queries. As a result of the rollout, Googlebot constantly learns so that the algorithm adjustments are made automatically. RankBrain evaluates the content of your website and how relevant it is to search queries. As an SEO or content manager, it is your job to equip your site with relevant content that will help users. Your task changes little due to the advent of Web 3.0.

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