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If a keyword performed particularly

Now the learnings from automatic campaigns come into play. Through them you were already able to find out which keywords and ASINs worked well for your products. You can download the results in Sponsored Products Reporting. You can find the report in the Amazon Ads menu: seocracy-amazon-campaigns-sponsored-products-ads-report Here you can find the Amazon report on your Sponsored Products ads. Keywords and ASINs that have a good click and conversion rate can be included in the manual campaigns.

With keyword targeting

After adding the products to your manual campaign, you can choose whether you want to create manual targeting on a keyword or product basis: seocracy-amazon–campaigns-manual-targeting-keywords-or-asins Here you can set keyword or ASIN targeting.   you Japan Phone Number List can copy the keywords that worked in the automatic campaigns into the manual campaign. With product targeting, you have the option to add the products that were successful in the automatic campaigns. Now you can enter your keywords or ASINs. Amazon also suggests keywords or products.

Select the match you want

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Here you can get inspiration and try out whether one or the other keyword works for you: seocracy-amazon-campaigns-keywords-match-type In this Japan WhatsApp Number List window you can add your keywords and set their match type.   and set an appropriate bid. Tip: well in automated campaigns (for example: 100 impressions, 80 clicks, and 50 sales), use it with the exact match match type. Tip: Use odd bids and (if any) different bids from Amazon’s suggestion. Many sellers on Amazon just use suggested bids or bids like €1.21, €1.25 or similar. If you bid one cent more, your bid wins and your ad is displayed. Optimize campaigns.

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