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I set the CTR and the average

My sidebar looked like this for this query: The Sitemap Status API helps you cross-check your sitemap. My sidebar configuration for this query looked like this: Configuring the sidebar for the sitemap query helps you specify all the information you need. The I set the sitemap query gives you an overview of how to retrieve your sitemap from Google. Examples of advanced applications and possibilities of SeoTools for Excel for SEO Are you lacking the inspiration or knowledge to be able to display certain SEO analyzes in SeoTools for Excel? I’ll show you other, more advanced queries that you can run using SeoTools for Excel regarding Google Search Console.

API shows indexing status

Important beforehand: manipulation of queries after execution Most queries that are very specific cannot be set directly in the SeoTools for Malaysia Phone Number Data Excel sidebar. The  we need to create a cell reference.  Search Analytics This Search Analytics API represents the basic connection to the GSC. With this you can import all data from the Google Search Console.

 The Sitemap Sitemap status

Phone Number Data

Excel As in the previous example, we get the German Phone Number first URL with the best keyword. (For clarity, without clicks, impressions and average ranking!) We achieve the best 3 keywords for the URL list by manipulating the formula from the first result. with other key figures for a specific URL.  This way you can . In principle, all indexable pages with status code 200 should appear in the sitemap.

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