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I cannot search for suitable

Disadvantages of agencies Agencies are of course more difficult to reach than an employee who sits directly in the company. Communication is sometimes more cumbersome, especially if the agency employee has to look after many other customers. The target group, the market and the products are probably not as present and known I cannot search as with an in-house employee. Agencies have little, sometimes even no, access to the company’s resources. You don’t have the interfaces like an in-house employee. As an agency, product images on the company’s internal server, but have to ask here.

Benefits of in-house SEO


Contacts in agencies can change I cannot search often, but it Cyprus WhatsApp Number List doesn’t have to be that way. Now let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of in-house SEO.   A hired SEO only focuses on your company and nothing else. He knows the philosophy, the products, the customers and the marketing strategy down to the last detail. Your SEO can react quickly, he only has you as a “customer”. He knows the internal processes and knows who to contact.

Disadvantages of in-house SEO

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He sits in on marketing meetings and I cannot search always stays up USA Phone Number List to date. Disadvantages of in-house SEO  Operational blindness can become a big issue, especially after a few years. Many in-house SEOs and entire teams therefore regularly hire agencies to get an outside perspective. Your employee’s know-how must be promoted and developed. Otherwise it may happen that current trends and developments do not reach him as quickly. Your in-house SEO has difficulty exchanging ideas within the company; other SEOs can only be reached via conferences and outside contacts such as meetups or Facebook groups. Of course, a full-time position also has to be filled.

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