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And above all as a sparring partner to challenge your internal team and point out new trends. The advantage is that you can then book Google Ads and additional agency hours if there is a staff shortage. If you notice that you permanently need more manpower, you can advertise a new position. We at Seocracy wouldn’t be mad at you if something like that happened, many of our larger customers do it that way.


Many of our most successful

Agency + in-house marketing for Google Ads and control Denmark WhatsApp Number List Another very common solution, or even the most common solution for us, is to have a general online marketing employee who then manages various specialist agencies. This person must be very strong in communication, but can then offer the optimal combination of in-house connections and agency knowledge.   customers drive this model. An example: Employee Isabella works as an online marketing manager and takes care of the company newsletter, Google Analytics and a bit of SEO.


These things don’t suit

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For the rest of the SEO, she has an Google Ads and agency on Africa Phone Number hand who also feeds her the latest information so that she stays up to date. She also books posts for the company blog from the same agency and has a second agency for web design and programming.   her at all, so she’s happy that she can give them up. Above all, she ensures that all online marketing measures and the development of the entire website run in line with the corporate strategy. She manages and controls the agencies and also controls the work results.

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