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Goals can be of very

An SEO concept can be an SEO (text) briefing: The content basis for a single piece of content – ​​keywords, search intent, content structure, etc. An SEO concept can be a synonym for SEO strategy: the foundation for your long-term SEO measures. Today I am talking about the second type of “SEO concept”, i.e. SEO strategy. Contents Goals can be of an SEO strategy An SEO concept is made up of different parts. Roughly speaking, the following building blocks are essential to any SEO strategy: Goals Status quo Rankings Technology / Onpage Off-page Potentials .

Action plan What are

Keyword research Competitor analysis  can be  your Austria WhatsApp Number List   for your website? As a rule, SEO goals are based on general company  . different nature and depend on both the age of the company (new on the market or already established for decades) and its business model. Classic SEO goals are: (organic) sales (e.g. in online shops) (organic) leads (often in the B2B environment, with service providers or high-priced products, such as real estate) .

Measurable goals are

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SEO) traffic certain positions for Goals can be certain Indonesia Phone Number List keywords (often there are individual keywords that are particularly profitable or that are important to the managing directors) Visibility (not a good (sole) goal in my opinion, since visibility on its own does not necessarily correlate with traffic and even less with sales) seo strategy goals  extremely important for your SEO strategy. There are also a lot of other SEO metrics, the meaning and nonsense of which Felix explains to you in his blog post on SEO KPIs . Tip: Make sure you can (correctly) measure your goals.

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