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Social media can also be really helpful for lead generation Video marketing Video marketing is currently the most neglected channel across all industries. If you think to yourself “Oh, if only I had been there in the early days of SEO, when you could really achieve a lot” – then this is exactly the early days of video marketing that you will dream of in ten years. Who is video marketing suitable for? For each! For me personally, video marketing is primarily YouTube.

YouTube and television

Instagram and Facebook also make videos Germany people are possible Poland WhatsApp Number List and still have a respectable reach – but YouTube is actually the channel where most of the music plays. More and more videos are appearing in Google search results and 80 to 90% are usually YouTube videos. For an extremely young target group, you can also consider platforms such as TikTok and Twitch. But I’m deliberately leaving these out now. YouTube icons In watching more  . And yet the growth rates are still enormous.


Video marketing is not

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Can you sell products through video Germany people are marketing?  particularly USA Telegram Number suitable for selling products directly, but rather it serves to grow your brand and, above all, makes your brand emotionally tangible – even if you sell snow blowers. No matter how dry your product or service is, YouTube is really worth it. Of course, you then have to try to communicate your product or service as simply and clearly as possible. How do you start? YouTube is a world of its own that you have to be ready for. It’s not enough to upload a video and hope it goes viral – YouTube doesn’t work that way. YouTube rewards good videos, but it’s just as important that your YouTube channel posts good videos regularly – over several months or even years.

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