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Facebook is going down

There will be a lot more to come here than before. I think structured data is so important that I’m even giving a talk just about it at the SMX Munich in Facebook is going March . I have it in my bones that this is where we will see the most and most interesting changes in 2022. Here is a short video introduction to the topic of structured data YouTube By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy. Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube Voice search is not a trend .

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This text is 1:1 from my SEO trends for Facebook is going 2021 Mexico WhatsApp Number List and I have nothing to add: I don’t know if it’s starting to get embarrassing when some trend researchers see voice search as the trend of the coming year every year. I own two Amazon Echos and actively use both Alexa and  . The latter is technologically years ahead of the Amazon solution. Apart from that, voice search is and remains a trend where your hands are not free. I use voice assistants especially in the car with Android Auto or when cooking. I do this to navigate or listen to music, audio books and news.

Always unblock YouTube

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It will remain that way for the foreseeable Facebook is going future. The India Telegram Number average user is still a long way from actually ordering products – if they ever get around to it. Voice search is increasing – but the commercial benefit for us website operators, B2B companies or online shops is limited. I don’t yet know how that would change. Voice search will not develop much in 2022 either. I stand by my opinion! YouTube and video The use of YouTube increased by 15% in Germany during the Corona crisis. Imagine if monthly searches on Google increased by 15% overall.

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