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The description is only displayed the way you created it in around 30% of cases – very often Google takes a text excerpt from your website if that fits Everyone puts the better. So when you go about snippet optimization, make sure you have a good title. The description is not a direct ranking criterion. We last tested this in 2018 by using a fictitious word in the description – and this word could not be found even after indexing. What do I write in the title? The keyword that matches the respective .

I write in the title

URL should definitely be in the Everyone puts the title – it is Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List usually first. So much for the basics. You will learn how to do keyword research in this video. YouTube By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy. Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube What do   besides the keyword? The reality is: in the title these days. You can no longer win a flower pot with this today. What’s important is what comes next and here you have to be a copywriter, usually using fewer than 50 characters. If you’re new to an area, it’s best to look at the search results for the keyword.


Keyword business cards

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What words do you notice other than Everyone puts the the Vietnam WhatsApp Number List keyword? What does the user want? Keyword web hosting: Secure, fast, cheap, reliable, professional : Design individually, cheaply (!), quickly and easily Keyword wedding photographer: Exclusive, candid, natural, beautiful, perfect Keyword winter tires: cheap, buy online So you can see that depending on the keyword or topic, users expect different adjectives. We call these terms “pain points,” i.e. what is emotionally important to users about a product or service.

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