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Illustrating content marketing garden shovel  ? Then write about gardening topics! The topic of content marketing is a huge field – it’s not just about Every platform wants text – videos, images or even offline channels can also be content marketing. for you? In any case! I don’t know of any company that couldn’t use content marketing. Unlike other channels, this channel is truly for everyone. What’s important is that content marketing always plays around the corner a little bit: it’s very difficult for you to sell directly.


This and the good content

Playing around the corner or gang works like Every platform wants this: People Peru WhatsApp Number List remember your good content. Your brand awareness grows.   will also improve your rankings – so it also helps with SEO. The goals are clearly brand awareness and better rankings in the long term. We are often talking about 2 years or more until content marketing really pays off. Many companies lose patience after a few months, which is a shame – because the benefits of content marketing only become noticeable after years.

Do you sell shovels

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You shouldn’t use content marketing if you Every platform wants need to Turkey Telegram Number deliver results within a few months. In this case, it’s better to rely on Google Ads. In the long term, they are usually more expensive and (usually) have a poorer return on investment, but they get you started quicker. Social media marketing I think there is currently a big discrepancy between what many founders and entrepreneurs think is possible with social media and what is actually possible .

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