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Either exclude the URL from

Wnsure that your internal links always have Either exclude the the “follow” attribute. Reason 4: The site has low quality. Check whether the content of the page meets the quality requirements, is relevant and offers a good experience for users. ). #9 Why is my site indexed even though I prohibited it? Sometimes it happens that pages are indexed even though they are actually excluded from crawling via robots.txt. This is the case if a page is already in the.


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Google index and you only then exclude it in Either exclude the robots.txt. Now Google can no longer crawl because you have forbidden it – but the pages are still in New Zealand Mobile Number List the index.   in online marketing? With our newsletter you will automatically receive the latest Seocracy articles directly in your inbox! Click here for the registration form. You can avoid this collision by checking whether these pages are already indexed before excluding certain URLs.

URLs that are indexed

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If so, you should question why they are indexed Either exclude the and rule out the possibility that they have any relevance to the content.  despite being blocked are usually not a Canada WhatsApp Number List critical problem: Over time, Google understands what you are talking about – and the URLs disappear from the index: URLs indexed in Google Search Console despite robots.txt blocking This website has a lot of filter URLs blocked in robots.txt.

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