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Each redirect costs approx

There you will find the pages that are soft 404 Each redirect costs errors : You can find your soft 404 errors Each redirect costs under the excluded pages. The 3xx status codes are all redirects. According to Google Developers, Googlebot follows up to 10 redirect hops. However, if the bot does not find any content there, a redirect error will appear. To find out which status codes your pages emit, you can crawl the page using, for example, Screaming Frog. Google has documented the most important http status codes in detail in a post on Google Search Central .


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Tip: What you should also pay attention to Each redirect costs are Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data redirect chains and endless loops.  At the latest from the tenth redirect hop, the bot stops and displays an error.   chain looks like:Also important: . 0.2 seconds of loading time. If you have unnecessary redirect chains, this increases the loading time, which in turn is bad for your SEO performance. SEO-relevant status codes and their use Not all status codes are relevant for SEO and influence your ranking. It is therefore important to know which status codes you should keep an eye on.

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You can find out how you can recognize Each redirect costs redirect chains and redirect loops with the Screaming Frog in the blog post 11 user tips for the Screaming Philippines Telegram Number Frog from SEO practice .  This content is ignored by Googlebot. Status codes with 5xx, in turn, temporarily slow down the crawling of bots such as Googlebot. If a URL is already indexed, it remains in the index.

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