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You should also consider whether email marketing is for you. Instead of aiming directly at sales, you can first generate a lead much cheaper, i.e. get an email address for a newsletter – and then try to sell something in it later. If you want to sell your products even more cheaply in the long term and make your brand better known, then I recommend SEO in combination with content marketing and video marketing.

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A few tips at the end In any Crawling control When case, you Russia WhatsApp Number List shouldn’t just align your marketing with one channel, but with several – because then your marketing will be more stable. For example, if you were to focus everything on TikTok because it performs best, then that could be great in the short term – but if TikTok is no longer “in” as a channel, then you have a big problem. That’s why it’s always important in online marketing that you take the marketing mix into account, i.e. use several channels and combine them with each other. The different channels also fuel each other.

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A website with a lot of content marketing and Crawling control When videos has Brazil Email List a much easier SEO experience than without these two channels. I hope I was able to give you a very short but informative insight into the most important online marketing basics. , I would be happy to receive a comment! If you have a different opinion somewhere, I would of course be happy to hear it in the comments!Disclaimer: What to do? Of course, I can’t write here what you should most urgently change about your website so that it has a good ranking – because I would have to know it for that. What a website lacks for a good ranking is always very individual.

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