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Citations are still important

Google offers you the opportunity to manage your Citations are still company details via your Google Business Profile. There you can store important facts for your customers, such as opening times, telephone number, exact location and other important points. With this entry you can keep your company information up to date and attract more attention. seocracy-google-my-business-example-halloween-gore-store .

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Here you can see the Google Business Profile of the Halloween   the address, telephone number, opening times, peak times and photos. Find out step by step in Citations are still the video how to create a Google Business profile and what you need to consider. Video: How to create Netherlands Phone Number Data a Google Business profile (08:36) YouTube By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy. Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube Citations Mentions of your company, your company address or your company telephone number are referred to as citations or local citations.

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They can appear in many contexts, such as on Citations are still social media platforms, business directories, company directories, press articles, etc.  link – just a mention in the Taiwan Phone Number List text flow is sufficient. Citations may have less of an impact on your local rankings than before, but you shouldn’t lose sight of them. for local searches. They also help your customers find you and can contribute to a better local ranking. Depending on the area in which you work, the following directories may be relevant for you.

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