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By adding your location to

You can also mark your opening hours with structured By adding your data. Reviews: If you have reviews on your website, you can mark them with structured data. data, I can recommend Google’s rich search results tool . If you would like to learn more about structured data, then I can recommend Luisa’s blog post “ Structured Data and SEO ”. Local landing pages for SEO With local landing pages for your respective locations, you can target your customers’ search intent even more precisely and rank better for local search queries.

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This is especially true if your company has multiple By adding your locations in different cities. In order for each location to build a good local ranking, you Philippines Phone Number Data need landing pages optimized for each location. This information should be included on the local landing pages H1 and in the body text Integrating a map: It’s not just helpful for your users to integrate a map with your location. Your local ranking also benefits from this.

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Your address and telephone number should be By adding your included after the NAP information. You should describe your location in a continuous text. Here you have the UAE Phone Number List opportunity to use your keywords for the location again and describe the products you offer. Images : You can also add images from the corresponding location. This gives your users an impression of the location.

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