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But its not just interested

The review speed How long has your business received Google reviews? Too many reviews at once seems like spam. Therefore, slowly but steadily increasing review But its not numbers are more authentic. The timeliness of the reviews How long has it been since the last Google review? Current reviews show that your company is active and send positive signals.   your company respond to Google reviews? Appreciative and solution-oriented responses to reviews show that a company offers good service and values ​​its customers.

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Google reviews as a communication channel Don’t take But its not Google reviews seriously just because of the ranking. When your brand is searched for, your Google Korea Phone Number Data company profile appears on the right-hand side in the SERPs, including the star rating, the number of reviews and the most important customer opinions. Why is this important? Customer reviews tell you something about a company, its strengths and weaknesses and what makes it more or less attractive as a service provider for potential new customers.

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Reviews can create trust or undermine it from the But its not outset and thus influence the purchase decision. Therefore, Google reviews provide the basis for valuable conversions!  can best use so-called “social proof” for e-commerce in her article about customer Italy Phone Number List reviews . parties who learn something about your company through Google reviews. You can also use the reviews and gain insights into the user experience in your online shop and incorporate them into your quality control. enthusiastic customer enters a Google review Delighted customers in Google reviews create trust for future customers.

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