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So here’s what I would like to say at this point: Thank Author publisher language you, dear Search Quality Team, you’re doing a great job. The new openness is great and helps a lot, especially for many beginners. As a trend, I would like it to continue like this – and I am very confident that it will. The SEO lightning round is brand new, where John Müller briefly and concisely answers questions from SEOs: YouTube By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy. Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube New SEO companies are starting in 2022.


For many, things are only

Due to the Corona crisis, many companies Author publisher language began Nepal WhatsApp Number List a huge digitization catch-up marathon in 2020. We have supported some of these companies and continue to do so today. Very few people started SEO straight away in March 2020, but gradually grew into it. For many, things are only just getting started now; in 2022 they will be more present on the market. Online marketing has become much more popular, especially in the classic B2B and industrial sectors , and will also increase significantly here outside of trade fairs.


There will be more movement

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The classic SEO customer of an agency Author publisher language is no longer an online Italy Telegram Number shop, but a laser manufacturer or seal manufacturer.   in the market in 2022 and beyond. The days of “We have 2,000 employees but our website is a disaster” are over. Although you can still neglect your website in the future, it will hurt your sales significantly more than before – if you don’t have a good online marketing strategy, you will lose out to someone who does.

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