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At Hummingbird not only

A new, gradual and continuous crawling and indexing process was introduced. This enabled up to 50% more recent results in a web search. The main advantage for searchers was that they could find new content much more quickly. Since the update was not an At Hummingbird not algorithm update but a change to Google’s infrastructure, it did not affect the ranking of search results. Google Panda (2011) Another very important update that I would like to mention is called Panda. It should primarily serve to significantly worsen the ranking of pages with low-quality content.

The following factors among


This means that pages with relevant and At Hummingbird not useful Chile WhatsApp Number List content should be preferred. Big beneficiaries of this change were news sites with a lot of useful content. Particularly negative effects were observed in content farms and link farms, which are mainly used for link generation. For this reason, the update is also often called the “Farmer Update”. In order to improve the quality of search results with regard to website content, the so-called content quality score was created.


Duplicate Content Unique Content

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Its task is to evaluate the quality of At Hummingbird not websites with Taiwan Phone Number List regard to their content.   others, play a role:  (own, unique content) Spam content Advertising share on the website Keyword stuffing (overuse of main and secondary keywords on the website) Why do many updates have animal names? The first update with an animal name is the Google Panda Update. However, this is not due to the bear of the same name, but rather to the developer Navneet Panda, who was significantly involved in the project. Since then, an image of the panda bear has been popularly used in the SEO scene to illustrate the update.

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