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Assuming you have decided

Google Chrome is the pioneer and already Assuming you have supports WebP on both desktop and Android devices. Since version 18, Microsoft Edge can also display WebP images in variou here that the Safari browser is not yet fully compatible with WebP. Since there is an extra column for Safari on iOS, we learn that Safari + Chrome can display WebP images correctly since iOS version 14.

What if I serve WebP but

In a professional environment, things Assuming you have are Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List sometimes different due to data protection guidelines. The evaluation of Google Analytics helps you here to determine which browsers and versions your website visitors use. In short: Current Android and Apple devices can already evaluate WebP images in private spaces, but deviations may occur within the company.   the visitor’s browser doesn’t support WebP? to speed up your website using .

Doesn’t he see any pictures

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WebP images while maintaining the Assuming you have same image quality Japan WhatsApp Number List as possible, the question might arise: What if a visitor cannot display WebP images via their browser version?   then? Basically, whether through plug-ins or manually, images on websites are recorded bundled in the code in different image formats. In other words: If you have delivered your images via JPEG or PNG for years and now switch to WebP, the old images will still remain in the code.

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